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Best Perfumes for Men: A Complete Perfume Buying Guide in India

Perfume, so goes the saying, is the confessed trace of passion. So when you are picking out which fragrance to wear, make sure those can complement the dynamic attributes of your personality.

There are a number of perfumes for men available in the market. However, it can be a daunting task to pick out the ones best suited for your candour. In this blog, you will get a number of helpful pointers that will come in handy the next time you buy perfumes online.

Which Fragrance Should You go for When Buying a Perfume?

Which Fragrance Should You go for When Buying a Perfume?

Modern fashion trends have succeeded in overcoming gender-specific ideas regarding style statements. As a result, the leading manufacturing brands are opting to showcase their products in a more overreaching manner. 

In other words, know you have way more options to experiment with different types of scents in your perfume. For instance, if you prefer a floral or fruity aura, pick out products which can mask general body odour with such aroma. 

Or maybe you are looking for something more woody or oriental. In that case, keep an eye out for products that have patchouli, spice or amber as their components. These refreshing fragrances can also make a positive impact on your mood, improving your mental health. 

Which Category of Perfume Strength Is Suitable For You?

 Which Category of Perfume Strength Is Suitable For You?

There are primarily five types of perfume strength, such as: 
  • Extrait de Parfum
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Cologne
  • Eau Fraiche

    This differentiation is done according to the varying level of fragrance concentration of the perfumes. This level is an indicator of the ratio of essential oil and alcohol used in a perfume. A higher oil ratio signifies that the scent is likely to stay on your dress and body for a prolonged amount of time. 

    If you are looking for a long-lasting perfume for men that you can sport for both official and casual day-to-day affairs, consider opting for Eau de Parfum as your ideal option. With a fragrance concentration rate of 15%-20%, this perfume remains recognisable for almost 8 hours after you apply it.   

    When you are browsing a scent collection, keep in mind the different types of perfume notes that can add an extra edge to your stylistic flair. There are three forms of notes when it comes to perfume:

    • Top Note
    • Middle Note
    • Base Note

    In simpler words, these notes are layers of how the fragrance smells over time. The top note is recognisable moments after using the product. After this initial impression fades, a middle note stays on for around the next half an hour. Lastly, the base note is the scent that lingers hours after you have initially sprayed it on your body or dress. 

    The best perfumes for men use a perfect blend of these three notes. For instance, if you are opting for Eau de Parfum, it uses a proper mix of notes to create a strong aroma that can leave an impression.

    How Can You Make Perfume Last Longer After Applying?

    How Can You Make Perfume Last Longer After Applying?

    Regardless of the type of scent you are using, you need to utilise some effective tactics to make a perfume last longer. So try to follow some basic tips, such as: 

    • Apply the perfume after taking a shower
    • Regularly moisturise your skin.
    • Spray the perfume on the pulse points like wrists, neck, or behind the ears. 
    • Try not to apply an excessive amount of perfume. For instance, when you are using Eau de Parfum, you should apply 1 or 2 sprays. 
    • Combine neutral-scented deodorants with your perfume.

    What Are Some Of The Best Perfumes For Men?

    What Are Some Of The Best Perfumes For Men?

    So, if you have been searching for perfume for men, check out the Eau de Parfum collections of some of the leading perfume brands in India. For example, the men’s perfume range of Greeko Man offers a wide array of options with which you can experiment. 

    To elaborate, its ‘Mischief range of perfumes integrates fragrances of citrus, juniper berry, black currant, etc., to create a unique aromatic combination that will remain noticeable for a prolonged amount of time. 

    Additionally, if you are looking for an earthier blend, you can try out their ‘Storm range of products. Or, if you are a fan of spicy fragrances, try out the brand’s ‘Recharge’ range of perfumes. Combining the aroma of Fougère and coriander seeds, this scent is ideal for your everyday ventures. 

    These products are also made health-consciously, so no silicones and mineral oils are present in them. In addition, these perfumes are manufactured not to overstimulate your olfactory senses.

    How to Store Perfumes?

    How to Store Perfumes?

    There are some basic methods you can follow when storing your perfumes to ensure they remain in their best condition long after the purchase. These procedures include: 

    • Keeping the bottle away from natural or artificial light sources 
    • Putting the products in a dry place
    • Not keeping the bottles in a humid room
    • Leave the bottle adequately capped when you are not using it
    • Do not shake the bottle too much before using it
    • Use premium perfume atomizer


    A comprehensive guide to buying perfume is essential when you are trying to decide which fragrance can help you put your best foot forward. For instance, try to make sure you are getting a product with an aroma that is well-suited to your fashion senses. Pick out a product that can properly blend the different notes while keeping it long-lasting. Additionally, you also need to store these products adequately to keep them usable for a long time.