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Suvarnaprashan: Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for your Kids!

The effect of the pandemic and other upcoming viral fevers has made maintaining good child health a significant point. Keeping their immunity boosted is crucial in current times. Not to mention the peer pressure they undergo at this age makes them more susceptible to weak immunity.

Moreover, the childhood phase forms the base of strengthening their immunity in coming years. Hence it is crucial to pay attention to their health during this time. Setting aside pharmaceutical medicine, a regular dosage of Ayurvedic medicine is sure to naturally enhance immunity in children with time.

An Ayurvedic concoction of Suvarnaprashan aims to enhance the child's health if taken in regular dosage aside from a healthy diet.

What is Suvarnaprashan?


What is Suvarnaprashan?


Made from authentic handpicked Ayurvedic ingredients with the goodness of nature, this immunity booster is sure to enrich your child with good memory and health. Taken from an age-old Ayurvedic formulation for shielding children against any kind of disease, it has proven its worth with time. This is so because the ingredients present were used before for enhancing immunisation naturally in former times.

What are the Ingredients Present?

Nothing is better than natural ingredients and a combination of these can do wonders in boosting your child’s immunity. Most of these ingredients are used in Ayurveda from time immemorial. Know the magic of these key elements present in Suvarnaprashan:

  • Suvarna Bhasma


The benefits of Suvarna bhasma are endless when it comes to enhancing immunity in children. Nanoparticulate matters of gold made with the richness of different herbs in an Ayurvedic procedure aim to extinguish several diseases related to respiratory disease, nervous system etc. It is the key ingredient of Suvarnaprashan. 

It helps in strengthening memory and acts as a natural immunity booster and a natural tonic for cardiac ailments. Moreover, along with other organic ingredients, its effect becomes manifold. 

  • Honey


It is the primary element in most Ayurvedic medicines with countless benefits. Some of the beneficial acts of honey are keeping high blood sugar levels at bay thus improving heart health. Acts wonder as a medicine for cold and cough. A spoonful of honey rich in antioxidants boosts immunity. 

  • Vacha



Well known for its benefits in brain functioning and fluent speaking, the Vacha powder helps in improving memory and acts as a nerve tonic. It helps in combating anxiety issues and depression by keeping the brain in proper health.  

  • Brahmi


Another affluent and age-old herbal remedy for good brain health and better immunity in children is the leaves of Brahmi succulent. Apart from the above, it also contains anti-cancer properties and reduces blood pressure and inflammation. Its function also lies in decreasing stress, anxiety and ADHD symptoms. 

  • Shankhpushpi


The main aspect behind this ingredient is its brain-relieving functionalities. Starting from mental health to any kind of stress or depression, it enables in calming down the brain. Moreover, it helps in easing digestion by acting as a mild laxative.

What are the Benefits of Suvarnaprashan? 

The nourishment of different ingredients comes together in defining these major aspects of the product for enhancing the immunity in children: 

  • Builds Immunity
Builds Immunity


    This is the primary benefit of the Ayurvedic product. Ensure your child’s maximum immunity through the goodness of these ingredients. Weak health is prone to different diseases and fevers due to seasonal changes. However, a natural way to boost immunity is to give your child this product in regular dosage.

    • Caters for Health
    STRENGTH - Caters for Health


      Falling into the trap of recurrent fevers is a sign of weak health. However, a strong immunity helps in avoiding this. Giving the right combination of Ayurvedic supplements to your child ensures better health for a long time.   

      • Improves Digestion
      Improves Digestion


        Ensuring a healthy digestive system is a crucial aspect of a child’s health. They can steer clear of digestive problems in future by strengthening themselves naturally as a child.  Moreover, a proper digestive system will also enhance their appetite. 

        • Increases Intellect
        Increases Intellect


          Brain functioning is one of the relevant aspects in a child as they grow up. Making sure that they have a strong hold on memory, least anxiety or depressive issues are significant. This will help them in handling challenges in a much better way in future. Moreover, a properly functioning brain means that their academic performance will also increase with time. 

          • Enhances Physical and Mental Strength
          Enhances Physical and Mental Strength


            Apart from mental health, a well-functioning body leads the way for physical strength. The natural ingredients of Ayurveda are sure to retain the stamina of a child from a very young age. This will not only enrich muscular functions in them, but also keep them away from common diseases like flu, nausea etc.

            What is the Dose to Follow While Giving it to Children? 

            Giving the right dosage of Ayurvedic Suvarnaprashan will ensure improving your child’s immune health. However, different Ayurvedic medicines have different dosages depending on the age of the child and other factors.

            Generally, it is advisable to follow the Ayurvedic physician's instructions while giving a certain dose to your child. You can also find it written on the pack of the medicine after purchasing. However, make sure that you follow a certain time in the day while giving this medicine and keep it out of their reach to avoid overconsumption. 

            You can use a medicine like Vasu Swarnaprashan for kids, which is formulated with 24 CT pure gold and other natural ingredients. The dosage for children between 0 to 16 years is already mentioned on the pack. However, you can also consult an Ayurvedic physician for the same.

            Dosage of Ayurvedic Suvarnaprashan


            Above are some pointers to remember while giving your child Suvarnaprashan, for better immunity. Apart from this, it is always advisable to consult an Ayurvedic doctor first. They'll be able to guide you accordingly if your child has any health concerns regarding the ingredients present in the Ayurvedic medicine.

            Moreover, they can give you an insight on how to chart out the dosage division for boosting immunity with Suvarnaprashan and for how long, to get an optimum health benefit. Following the above procedure strengthening the immunity in children through Ayurvedic powers would be a piece of cake. Hence, don’t forget to keep these pointers while giving your child the benefits of this product.